Fire Damage Restoration

Where do you begin when a fire has devastated your home? Before the firefighters have cleared the scene, seek fire damage restoration from our experienced professionals.

It is critical that our fire damage contractor begins work as soon as possible after the fire it out. Not only do we check the structural safety of your house, we also assess the extent of the damage and provide you with a plan of action. Turn to our technicians for expertise and excellence in fire restoration services.

Minimize Fire Damage

The longer your house waits for fire damage repair, the worse the damage becomes. The flames are out, but water from firehoses has soaked your furnishings, the walls, and the flooring. Smoke from the fire is settling into fabric and woodwork and traveling through the ventilation system. Soot is seeping into porous fabric in furniture, carpet, and draperies.


Our professionals act swiftly to minimize damage. We quickly assess the condition of your home and put together a detailed restoration plan. Our technicians have the skill and experience, as well as the training and professional equipment, to put your house to rights. When you return home, your home is as beautiful as it was before the fire. Request a free estimate for comprehensive fire damage repair.

Fire Restoration Services for Water, Smoke, & Soot Damage

The damage your house receives in a fire is not confined to what is burned by the flames. The fire may have been contained to one room or even one floor, but the damage extends throughout the house.


The tens of thousands of gallons of water used to fight a fire soak your furniture, flooring, and walls, and spread throughout the house. If everything is not dried out quickly, the damage can be permanent.


You know that smoke travels. It rises and permeates the second story and attic, and it moves through the ventilation system so that every room in your house has that pungent odor. For your house to be free of fire damage, our professionals remove the smell of smoke.


If soot is not cleaned promptly, the acid residue permeates porous furnishings and causes stains. This residue is also harmful to your health. Count on our professionals for extensive knowledge to eliminate damage from fire, as well as water, smoke, and soot.

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